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Ryan Jimmo on opponents: “They’re just a large chess piece that I manipulate as I please.”

By: Matt Marcone

Canadian light heavyweight standout Ryan “The Real Deal” Jimmo has won 16 straight and is primed to make his UFC debut. Jimmo’s impressive string of wins includes decisions over Wilson Gouveia and Marvin Eastman.

Oddly enough, he thinks his insecurity might be his greatest asset.

“When I’m walking to the ring, I try to talk myself into not thinking I’m going to lose,” laughs Jimmo. “By nature I’m a very insecure person and so I’m like that in training. I never think I’m good enough. Even when I win, I always think it’s a horrible performance.”

Jimmo was scheduled to take on Karlos Vemola January 20 at UFC on FX 1, but withdrew a week out due to an ankle injury. It only took a couple weeks until he was training again.

“We’re looking at probably July 21 in Calgary,” says Jimmo on his UFC debut. “I haven’t been given an opponent but that’s the tentative date we’re shooting for.“

Jimmo is coming off a close decision win over highly regarded veteran Thierry Sokoudjou. It was also the first fight where judges used a modified half-point scoring system.

“I think the half point system can make things a little more accurate,” Jimmo explains. “If it’s a really close round but you have to give it to someone, you still have to give them a 10-9 round, so I think the half point system is an improvement.”

Jimmo has taken the next step in his own career by moving to South Florida, currently training with the world-class Blackzilians.

“I’m doing very well training down here,” says Jimmo. “When I first came down, training with Rashad Evans I thought it was going to take a while to get up to their level, but that’s not the case at all. I came here and I’m surprising myself at how well I’m doing.”

Jimmo also excels at studying physics and playing chess. The latter has definitely affected his approach to fighting.

“Absolutely, I beat my opponents with technique, but also by out-thinking them,” says Jimmo. “They’re just a large chess piece that I manipulate as I please.”

Fans can listen to the full interview on episode three the MMAxposed podcast. Jimmo explains what it was like wanting to turn pro while not being able to afford groceries, and gives an epic explanation about the origins of his nickname “the real deal.”

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